Grammys 2015

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So we didn’t do too badly, 3 out of 6 correct predictions for us. We’re not as upset as Kanye about who we thought was going to win though!

It’s a shame that the main talking point after the show is Kanye’s verdict on the Album of The Year award going to Beck (he felt Beyoncé should have won it). At the end of the day, the Grammys, like any award show, is voted for by a bunch of people that belong to whichever association is holding the awards show. This makes it a popularity contest. No one is entitled to walk away with an award, sure it’s a great honor to win a Grammy and most musicians will tell you they’d love to have one, but it’s not the be all and end all. Musicians are rewarded by their fans showing up to concerts, consuming their music, following them on social media and buying products that they are paid to endorse. Being recognized by your peers goes way beyond any award could, can anyone honestly say Sam Smith had a better year than someone like Ed Sheeran? No! They both had great years in their own rights, it’s all relative, just because Ed didn’t win doesn’t mean he deserves less recognition. You could have the biggest song in the world for months and still not get recognized by the Grammys (look at artists like Nico & Vinz) and that’s ok, those artists are doing just fine. It’s so unfortunate that when you win a category and manage to beat out such huge stars as Beyoncé to an award that it gets overshadowed by someone else’s behavior. Beck has been around a long time and is a huge talent, if anything it could be argued that he deserves the global recognition a Grammy gives more than someone like Beyoncé because he isn’t as well known (we’re not arguing this ourselves, just making a point).

There are millions of musicians around the world that don’t get paid anywhere near enough to make a living that have the same amount, if not more, talent than the stars gathered in LA for the Grammys this weekend. It would be a good reminder for any artist getting upset about the result of an award show to think about those people who are hustling for their lives trying to make it but just don’t get the exposure. Crying over awards is not befitting of someone who has made millions upon millions of dollars by going on global tours and distributing their music worldwide. We love Kanye and the fresh approach he brings to music but c’mon dude, really?! We’d love the success he’s had, Grammy or no Grammy (though if anyone from the Grammy association is reading this, please don’t hesitate to vote for us should we ever be nominated, we’d love to win one!).

As for the show, if you didn’t watch it- you didn’t miss much. It all felt a little flat this year. A big highlight was the President’s PSA about domestic violence and sexual assault and the powerful speech from a former victim that preceded Katy Perry’s touching song on the subject. That’s what music is about, using its global reach to spread positive messages, not bitching about who won and who didn’t.

Til next year, thank you Grammys for giving us an evening to see old friends (either there or on TV) and performers that haven’t been in the limelight for a while. Congrats to all the winners and if we get our act together, maybe we’ll see you there in 2016.