Original Content

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It’s surprising that music hasn’t caught up with TV yet when it comes to original content. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime and other TV/movie subscription services all create their own content as part of their USP (check us out with the marketing jargon). Why haven’t music services done the same? Spotify, iTunes et al have yet (as far as we’re aware) to create their own original content, sure they’ve signed exclusivity agreements, which is smart- we’re now seeing Tidal do it too- but it’s not the same as original content and here’s why..

Streaming services (should) have vast amounts of data about their users’ preferences when it comes to the type of music they enjoy, the time of year they play certain songs, the instruments that were used, the tempos etc so why not utilize that like Netflix did when they created House of Cards? They looked at the type of movies and TV shows people were watching- did they like suspenseful drama? was there humor in the one popular thriller, if so how much? How important were sex scenes or nudity? What was the lighting like in those movies? So many variables were analyzed and used to create the script and direction of the show. Look how popular the show is, it’s no accident!! It was created for mass consumption and people have eaten it up.  

Using data in a similar fashion could help write and produce the perfect song for certain genres. Imagine figuring out which key of song, chord progressions etc listeners gravitate to the most and crafting a track around that? Sure you might say it takes the creativity out of making music but the opposite could be argued. Less parameters mean you have to be more creative to make your song stand out. 

Now, we’re not arguing to make all music sound the same but if you want people to hear your music (why else do you do it?) then why not make it appeal to as many people as possible? If people haven’t latched on to your song in say, Germany, it could be for the simple reason that the German market don’t like 1 minute instrumental bridges like yours or that it’s the wrong time of year for that style of song there. If you knew to make those changes or wait for the best time to release the song you could save yourself money on marketing because you’ll know when to release and also be more confident it will gain traction. If a streaming service produce a song or an album that appeals to Germany, all of a sudden they’ll have more subscribers in that market. 

That’s just one of many examples of how creating original content using their data can really set a service apart from its rivals and lure in fans. Things like this could already be in the works but for now we’ll leave y’all with the idea, who knows, we may see it sooner than we think. 



New Music Tuesday- Mumford & Sons

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There were a ton of new releases today from high profile artists including Madonna, Sam Smith, Mumford & Sons, Luke Bryan, Jason Derulo, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Van Morrison.

We really like Mumford & Sons’ single “Believe”. It has a haunting feel and really catchy hook (there are bound to be a ton of dance remixes to this). About 2 minutes in a big beat comes out of nowhere that you can’t help but nod your head to.

Mumford & Sons are all about the music, which is a big reason they’re so popular. Unless you’re a big fan, you’d be hard pressed to pick them out of a line up but could identify their songs pretty easily. Rather embarrassingly we got talking to Ben from M&S at a party, he was a really nice and humble guy and just said he was in a band when we were asking what he did (of course with both he and Paolo being from England they MUST know eachother too..). We thought nothing of it and finished our chat before sitting down at our table. About 30 minutes later he was introduced to present Daniel Glass an award, we felt like absolute idiots for not knowing who he was but it says a lot when people love your music and don’t know who you are. That means they’re invested in your music and truly enjoy it without having any bias because they like who you are. That’s a good thing!