Heatseekerz are a New York based writing/producer duo consisting of Picasso Brown and Paolo. This dynamic production and singer/songwriting team formed their partnership in 2009 at the suggestion of Trevor Gale, Senior Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations for SESAC, a US based performance rights society of which they are both affiliated.

The duo’s writing and production skills have been behind Top 40 singles and a number of exclusive radio/DJ remixes for major and independent labels. The versatility of their music has seen HeatSeekerz work with artists such as Deborah Cox, Nicki Minaj, Karmin, Sean Kingston, Meital Dohan, 3AM Tokyo, Bryan Terrell Clark, Rachel Fine, Fred the GodSon and Shaliek. Their songs have also been featured in mainstream TV shows such as The Kardashians, Bad Girls Club and Real World.

In an ever-changing music industry, HeatSeekerz are constantly changing their sound and evolving their music, making the songs of tomorrow.

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