New Music Tuesday- Rico Love

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This week was a no brainer. New music was released on Monday and our Sesac homie Rico Love had the pick of the bunch. His album “Turn The Lights On” is the best RnB album of the year and it will be difficult for anyone to change that for the rest of 2015.

Rico, for those that don’t know, is a huge songwriter/producer. He’s written hits for superstars like Beyonce, Usher, Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz. This album, while a slight departure from the songs he’s written for said artists, is on par with his body of work as a writer. The music is current but has a classic vibe to it which sets it up to last the test of time. Vocal melodies are on point, you’ll be singing along after a listen or two, without them being predictable. His ability to shuffle between rapping and singing keeps things interesting but this album is all about the songs, they’re dope. That’s not to take away from his skills as an artist, if anything it sheds more light on them. When the songs feel real, the delivery has to be perfect and with “Turn The Lights On”, Rico delivers.

Go ahead and check it out and Rico if you’re reading this we salute you!


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