New Music Tuesday

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That time of the week again folks. Our pick is Flo Rida’s “My House”. He’s gone for a more hip hop/pop vibe as opposed to the faster dance stuff he’s been doing of late.

Flo Rida is someone we’ve been trying to get with for a while but for one reason or another the timing hasn’t been right. What we mean by that is there can be situations where as a producer/writer you present a song to the label and they say it would be a great fit for their artist only for it to not work with the rest of the songs on the project. They won’t pay for studio time to record the song unless they know they’re going to use it so you end up having to wait (unless you have a relationship with the artist already). Then when the next project roles around either your song is dated or still doesn’t fit where the artist is heading. A similar situation that is all too familiar to us is that the label loves a song that doesn’t fit the project but off the back of it want you involved. You go back and forth with them to meet their briefs but then when you finally nail it, it’s too late. Usually by the time you hear about a project they only need one or two more songs so it’s really easy to miss the cut off date.

Anyways, enough about us, go ahead and check the song out!


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