#tbt..frowback friday

music, music business, music industry

A day late we know but on a technicality Paolo says ‘throwback’ as ‘frowback’.. so deal with it 🙂

This one really is a throwback and the only reason we came across it is that we needed to look at something on the website yesterday and started typing in ‘heatseekerz’ on the Chrome address bar- the first suggestion was ‘heatseekerz bad boy’. We were horrified! Google was suggesting people check out a demo we did in 2009 that we never mixed for commercial release and was only online because we had it placed on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

When we first met, Picasso sent Paolo home with a CD (how times have changed) with 7 instrumental ideas he had lying around. We ended up recording songs for all of them and Bad Boy was the first of those. Larisa (go check her out on Facebook and Soundcloud) came in to record the vocals and help write the rest of the song, including the dreaded second verse (songwriters know what we’re talking about!!). What came out was pretty dope, despite the horrible demo mix and outdated sounds, but you get the idea.

Check it out and less us know what you think on Facebook/Twitter!


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