No More Week


No More Week kicked off on Sunday, with USA network airing PSA’s from the organization during their Law & Order SVU marathon.

You’ve probably heard of No More from their work with the NFL and of course you read our previous post about them..their continued hard work is helping educate us about domestic violence and sexual assault. It’s worth mentioning that No More isn’t a fundraising outfit, you can’t donate to them, they partner with other foundations and corporations to help focus the message (sometimes when there’s too many voices none can be heard).

Domestic violence and sexual assault happen far more than people are aware of, or willing to acknowledge. We really encourage you to head over to No More’s website.. and take 5-10minutes to learn more about these issues. The statistics are pretty alarming, as shown in the video above. We did this PSA in 2013 and are proud to stand alongside No More. Credit to Charles Kliment for producing and creating the visuals, we simply added the music and voiceover- the message is what really matters.

We are HeatSeekerz and we say No More.


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