It’s Britney Bitch

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Hello, Paolo here, I’m going rogue today. Wanted to talk about the great show I saw this weekend, Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me’, her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood.

I know what you’re thinking- what’s a 28yo manly man (ha!) doing at Britney’s show? The truth is I was there to celebrate my youngest sister’s 21st birthday. Would I have gone otherwise? Nope! But I’ll be honest, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it for two reasons, first being it was a well produced show and Brit has hits on hits on hits that I grew up on so it took me back to my childhood. The second reason I liked the show was seeing Britney back at her show stopping best. Say what you want about her music and the fact she doesn’t sing live (more on that later) but that girl can work the stage! The dancers she had around her were incredible but all you wanted to look at was Britney. She doesn’t quite hit the steps like she did in her prime but her swag was back which was awesome to see. 

I consider myself a bit of an expert at picking out when someone is singing live or not and this one was very easy to detect, but who cares?! It’s about the show! It would be one thing if Britney was known for her vocals but she never has been. She’s about the song being hot and the show being on point. How many little girls (and some guys judging by the fellas sat next to us) grew up wanting to be Britney compared to a bonafide vocal beast like, say, Christina Aguilera? With an artist like Britney it’s about the package and getting that buy-in from her fans creating a ferocious loyalty that allows her to perform to the same fan base she was performing to over 15years ago. It would be one thing if her fans fell in love with her for her vocal ability (that’s not a diss, it’s well known that she is one of the most professional recording artists when she comes to the studio; fully prepared and nails the songs quickly) but they didn’t. If someone like Beyoncé is caught not singing completely live it becomes an ‘issue’ because we all expect her to smash every performance- that’s how good she is and that’s why we love her. 
It was a refreshing reminder that we can all get a little snooty when it comes to artists like Britney and not see beyond the whole ‘manufactured’ thing. Not every artist or band has to be an incredible singer or musician if they offer other reasons to support them. Look at the huge followings DJs have now, some of them just press buttons and do very little ‘musical’ work but they still put on a great show. Music is about feeling. Songs can make you cry, give you hope, make you happy, get you horny (just checking you’re still reading) etc. If an artist makes you feel a type of way then does it matter how they deliver it? Music is probably the most subjective art form and artists like Britney can be divisive. People often judge others for their musical choices, I catch myself doing it to, but what makes me feel a certain way when I hear it might not do the same to someone else and vice versa. 
I guess the lesson here is: don’t hate. 
It’s Britney Bitch. 

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