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Just a quick one today, busy weekend coming up!

Wanted to thank everyone that’s taken the time to read our posts and check out our work since we revamped the site. This is just the beginning of what we plan to do with it and we need your and anyone else you know’s support to maintain the momentum. We’ll keep posting no matter what, it’s a good brain dump for us- even if it’s read by one person a day- but for us to take the time away from making music it would be really encouraging to know our fan base has continued to grow and the work we’re putting in is reaching a lot of people.

Without getting you too excited (!!!) some of the stuff we plan to do is more media based. Studio videos, some sit down chats with various artists, songwriters and record executives and most importantly MUSIC! This year we plan to put out a body of work under our HeatSeekerz brand, whether that be an EP of full length album, featuring some of the world’s biggest artists. We’re talking to some distributors about doing a deal but may also turn the game upside down and go independent using a new business model. It would be awesome to know we have people ready to hear the new music (forget the money and everything else, this is why we do it!).

So, with that being said we kindly ask you to:

Like our Facebook page:

Follow us on Twitter: @theheatseekerz

Follow our Instagram: @heatseekerz_muzic

If you aren’t on any of those, just follow the blog by submitting your email somewhere on the site (not quite sure where that is!)

This way you won’t miss any posts and we know that we’re loved (awwww…)

Have a good weekend y’all and sincerely thanks for checking out the site!


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