New Music Tuesday..On Wednesday

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We got a little caught up in the studio yesterday but didn’t want to stop you from hearing our choices for New Music Tuesday (more eagerly awaited than the Grammys apparently..)

Two songs made it this week as we love them both. The first is Tori Kelly’s “Nobody Love”.

The cool thing about this song is the familiar feel it has with the chord progressions (which are almost identical to one of our songs!) and sample sounding beat behind it, yet it still feels fresh. It’s a shame this wasn’t release in spring or summer as you can hear this one blasting out of cars with windows open and the sun shining. Maybe it’ll be a slow burner, although it’s already made it’s way on to radio. That breakdown for the hook is nice too!

Tori is a great singer and this song is a bit of a departure from her usual sound, it’s a great radio song that will hopefully give her exposure and build her fan base. It’s always been the case that labels will release one or two ‘radio’ singles that have a pop sound to get customers to buy-in and the rest of the album is the sound that the artist really excels at. The trouble nowadays is that people are able to buy the singles and then sample the rest of the album online, if it’s not to their taste they pass on buying the whole record. It’s a lot easier to do at home than listening to the CD or vinyl in the store and some artists suffer from it. Hopefully Tori won’t have this problem.

Song number 2 is technically not a new release but it’s from the newly released compilation “Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack”. Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”.

Ellie has one of those voices that could sing you into bed, so smooth and sexy. She’s a perfect fit for this kind of song and it’s very appropriate for the soundtrack. The production is cool and atmospheric and her voice fills it out perfectly.



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