#TBT.. Ass on The Floor

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Can’t believe it’s been two and a half years since this video came out (Shout out to Marco Bobadilla and his team).

We originally had 5 songs for 3AM Tokyo’s EP, this was one of them. Somewhere along the way we did “Sky Is Falling” which completely changed what we wanted to do with the record as it had a different sound and frankly was better than everything else we’d recorded so far. “Ass On The Floor” still had a catchy feel so we did a soft release of it and shot a video, turning the song into a buzz single (it didn’t make the album). “Brighter Days” was the only other song of those 5 that made the cut too after some serious revamping, in case you were wondering.

If you haven’t been to a 3AM Tokyo show, you should, it’s all about having fun. No drama, no trying to be cool, just dancing your ass off. We wanted the song to reflect that and just get you in the mood to party when you listen to it.

We wanted to incorporate Ellen Degeneres’ ‘Dance Dares’ to try and get some viral buzz, plus we find that whole segment hilarious! The story of the video basically follows a group of guys who just wanna party but have that one friend who’s not in the mood. By the end of the video they succeed in getting him to join in the fun. It’s a pretty funny video and a lot of people worked really hard to get it done and we are still appreciative of that.

You’ve also gotta love the Full Force cameo at the beginning!!

Hit play and enjoy!


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