New Music Tuesday- Fancy Reagan

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Ok, we may be a little biased in our choice today as Fancy Reagan are friends and collaborators of ours but this song is actually worthy of getting the HeatSeekerz Choice on New Music Tuesday Award (is there a more prestigious, terribly named award…?).

“Knock Me Out” is featured on recently released “Now That’s What I Call Music 53” (who knew they still made those?!). The song is Fancy Reagan’s debut single on Universal’s Republic Records and we love it. We got a chance to hear it at the studio last year and were instantly big fans, that hook is undeniable!

Lead singer Sean is an incredible vocalist, as you can tell. Rather amusingly, for a couple of demos we did for him we both had to sing an octave down from where he sings, dude can hit some ridiculously high notes! The band are all fantastic writers and musicians and this song showcases that big time.

We wish the guys the best of luck with this release and hope you get to hear what we’ve done with them soon. Go ahead and check it out and buy/listen at your preferred digital retailer/streaming service.

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