Music Monday..Lady Gaga

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It’s always a positive thing when artists use their music to raise awareness of taboo subjects. Especially when said artist is of the stature of Lady Gaga.

It was announced that she would be contributing a song to “The Hunting Ground”, a documentary about sexual assault on U.S. college campuses. The movie premiered at Sundance last week and hopefully will gain more exposure with Lady Gaga’s name attached.

Gaga has revealed in interviews that she was a victim of sexual assault and has written songs about it before (“Swine” from ARTPOP). Talking about such painful experiences can’t be easy and putting it out there for the world to know is a commendable thing, especially when it’s such a sensitive subject. This new song was written with Diane Warren (Google her for her list of hits). We haven’t heard the song but know it’ll be extremely well written and tackle the subject in a perfect way.

The message here is that music is more than just entertainment. It’s an art form born of self expression and when moments like this come in an artist or writer’s career where they can use their experiences to help others who share their pain, it’s great when they use it.

We love Gaga, her music and her artistic vibe and really respect her putting her music forward to aide a movie that addresses a subject she is familiar with. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame, it’s about the music and how it affects people. Sometimes we all need a bit of a reminder.

For more info on the film head over to

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