#TBT Shaliek ft Fred the Godson- Spoke Too Soon

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We first came up with the instrumental to this song in 2009 and had a completely different song for it. All producers and writers will admit that they get attached to certain songs but this can blur your judgement and lead you down the wrong path with a song choice. We have been guilty of this plenty of times, but often one of us will talk the other out of sticking with certain melodies or entire toplines (main melody of the song). Thankfully on this occasion we had both been in agreement for  a while that we needed a better song on top of the instrumental so we added it to our “farm trax” folder (farm trax are the instrumentals we have open for songwriters to write to).

The Hitterzz are a songwriting team consisting of Shaliek and Cashus, two incredible writers and artists in their own right. We have a number of songs with them that we love and we wouldn’t hesitate to call on them if we needed a hit. When they came by the studio for the first time we played them our farm trax and this was the one they gravitated to. With their collaborator Daisy Grant they penned this song in less than an hour, that’s what it felt like anyway- we just left them to it.

Originally we were shopping Spoke Too Soon to a number of artists and labels when Shaliek said he wanted the song for his EP “I Don’t Wanna Be Famous”. We always want our music to be heard so of course said yes. Shaliek hooked up the Fred the Godson feature and we finished up the mix. You won’t fully appreciate the mix until you play it through a sound system with a sub woofer as the kick on this song bangs real hard.

Sit back and chill with this one, it’s a smooth old school R&B joint. Also give Shaliek a listen on iTunes or Spotify, links below. The boy can sing his ass off!


Shaliek iTunes

Shaliek Spotify

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