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Came across this from Ne-Yo today and it provides a good opportunity to give him a quick shout out. Without doubt Ne-Yo is one of the best songwriters on the planet. He’s written hits for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Usher, Mario and many others, not to mention his own songs and he’s been doing it for a LONG time.

We’ve seen a lot of writers and producers come and go over the years, either because they fall out of flava or out of favor, or their hit making dries up. It’s not uncommon to have a hot run for 18months to 2 years and then fall by the wayside. It makes sense if you think about it, a record label takes a chance on a new, up and coming writer or producer and the song has some success. The label then starts asking for more songs for the rest of their roster. Then other labels want a piece of the action and all of a sudden said songwriter/producer has 10 or more songs out. After being in demand for so long for the same type of material, it’s hard to keep up the pace and quality of your music. This is usually the point where you stagnate and get too caught up in the same sound or style which then goes out of fashion. Before you know it the same songs that the labels used to love aren’t so hot to them anymore and you’re back to the beginning, a lot richer, but having to grind twice as hard because now you have a reputation in the industry.

We tell you all of this to demonstrate just how great someone like Ne-Yo has to be to stay so consistent for the last 10years. It’s by no means an easy feat and talent like that is undeniable. So with that said we salute you Ne-Yo, a true inspiration to us all, good luck with the new album!


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