Karmin- Hello (HeatSeekerz Remix)

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This remix we did with Karmin flew under the radar a little, a few people said they heard it on the radio, its racked up 16k+ views on YouTube and the original writers & producers loved what we did with it, but it still never got the traction it deserves.

We met Karmin when they were performing in the same 2-day show as 3AM Tokyo and a few weeks later told them we’d love to remix their single “Hello”. The label was on board and were quick to accommodate us and we got to work on it.

We knew with this remix we wanted to incorporate a number of genres, we had just started the 3AM Tokyo project and were loving the unique sound we were creating by blending pop, hip hop, rock and dubstep together. Disclaimer: we were doing dubstep in our songs before it got big in America. A funny anecdote on this subject is the time we did a song for a major label artist who we can’t name as the project isn’t out yet. The first track we did had some dubstep elements in it that the label wasn’t sure about and asked us to tone down. About a year went by and dubstep was starting to pop over here and make its way into Top 40 radio. On a revisit to the song the same executives asked us to put some dubstep in the mix, how ironic! We literally just unmuted the parts in the original mix, sent it back and they loved it.

The driving element in our remix was the electric guitar, played by Nick Preston (who also played the acoustic on it too). It gave the song a real rocky edge, especially when that break down comes in after the hooks. We knew there were a number of DJs on board to do some dance remixes so we did our best to stay away from those types of sounds and beefed up the mix with more live instruments, including a piano, drums and 30 piece string section. This worked particularly well in the breakdown at 3:00.

We put Picasso in the front for a couple reasons, first because we loved the cadence of it and felt it set the song up nicely. The second, and more important, reason was from a branding perspective. We were gearing up to put the first teaser single out for 3AM Tokyo and knew an act as big as Karmin was going to get a lot of listeners. Of course we had to throw a couple “HeatSeekerz” up in there too, it was only right 😉

If you haven’t already go ahead and check it out above. When you’re done have a listen to the other remix we did for the DJs below- this shit BANGED in the clubs.

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