Empire on FOX

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This show was DOPE! While it doesn’t quite paint an accurate picture of the music business, (for one thing, every recording engineer would have been tearing their hair out at some of the recording techniques the vocalists were using in the booth) it was so refreshing to hear original music in a TV show of such a high standard.

We have Timbaland and his team to thank for that. Creating music for TV isn’t as easy as recording a regular track for commercial release. Firstly there are far more executives to appease and more hoops to jump through. A&R’s and music supervisors will use words or phrases to describe the type of songs they are looking for but oftentimes the same adjective from two people can mean completely different things. This can make it incredibly difficult to decipher and decide where to start. We don’t know how much creative control Timbaland had, but no doubt there were countless requests to revisit songs and make changes.

You can hear in the production that Tim had to simplify what he usually does as the music needed to appeal to a wider range of viewers- 9pm on FOX after American Idol is going to have a bigger mix of audience than, say, a radio station would.

Another consideration is that the song has to match the script and mood of the scene it’s intended for, the music can totally change the feeling of a moment and often dictates how a viewer absorbs the visual (just think of a horror movie without the soundtrack- not very scary most of the time is it?!).

Mixing all of those elements together proves what a tough task it can be creating the soundtrack for TV or movies, especially when all the songs are originals. We’re really looking forward to following the show and hearing the other new songs. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!


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