First Post

music, music business, music industry

At this point we have 0 people following our blog but ya gotta start somewhere! By this time next year we hope that, like our music, thousands of people around the world will be rocking with us and following our journey.

Up until now we’ve been quiet online, too quiet actually. For a long time we tried to let our music do the talking and sat back while everyone else tweeted up a storm and posted pictures of the food they were eating (really, people?!) In 2015 we decided to join the conversation.

Having a platform to talk about music is important to us. We want to share the music we make, the journey we’re on while making it and just speak about music in general.

2014 saw us work on a lot of behind the scenes things and making music took a back seat a little. Having said that we had a Top 40 hit on radio with 3AM Tokyo and worked with artists such as Jessica Ashley, Bryan Terrell Clark, Rachel Fine and Fancy Reagan. This year that list is gonna get longer, and we’ll be sharing it all with you.

We hope you stick around and follow us into 2015 and beyond. We’ll be uploading new music, talking about how we made it, post videos of studio sessions,  talk about the music industry from our perspective and everything else that music brings.


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